Information for Covid-19 & Cancellations

Valid from 21.09.2020

The health of both our guests and our staff is very important to us! For this reason, we kindly ask that you take into consideration the following information and local regulations.

• In general, a distance of 1.5 metres is to be maintained with all persons who do not live in your household.
• Frequent hand washing and the use of hand disinfectants.
• Consideration for other guests and hotel staff - Keeping distance, sitting seperatly, understanding that everyone has different feelings and opinions about Covid-19.
• If you start to feel ill or unwell, please stay in your room and let us know. (We know of course that not every illness is Corona, however please just be careful and use commonsense).
• The main entrance of the Hotel is closed all day, please take your room key with you at all times to be able to enter. We will do this so we can control how many people and who exactly is coming in and out on the premesis.

Mask picture

Mouth - Nose - Protection Masks must be worn in;

• Public Transport - Also in the Gondolas and Gondola Stations
• Supermarkets and other retail outlets
• Within the Service Sectors
• Schools and other Childcare services
• Areas and services with a close customer contact
• Restaurants when entering and moving around - can be removed once sat at the table.
• Employees working in catering establishments


Our amended cancellation conditions for winter 2020/21

FREE cancelllation is available up to 30 Days before arrival.

Up to 14 Days before arrival - 50% charge of total price.
Up to 3 Days before arrival - 90% charge of total price.

A FREE cancellation, up to 24 hours before arrival, is only possible if:

You are unable to travel due to official travel restrictions during the time of your planned arrival. (e.g. travel bans, border closures, travel warnings, air traffic suspention)

Should the journey not be feasible due to personal illness or any other personal reasons, we strongly recommend travel insurance.
This will save you a lot of trouble and not to mention potential cancellation costs. You can take out Hotelstorno Plus Insurance (incl. helicopter recovery costs) from Europäische Reiseversicherung AG directly with us when you book your hotel.NEW: Despite the pandemic status, Europäische Reiseversicherung has insurance cover from 29.5.2020 in the event of illness at Covid-19!

All of our hotel staff are tested weekly against Covid19.
All tests have been negative so far.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.