Information for Covid-19 & Cancellations

Valid from 01.07.2021

From July 1st, entry into Austria from countries with a low epidemiological risk is possible without registration and quarantine. However, if you travel to the country without proof within the meaning of the 3-G rule (recovered - vaccinated or tested), registration for pre-travel clearance and testing within 24 hours of entry is mandatory.

The health of both our guests and our staff is very important to us! For this reason, we kindly ask that you take into consideration the following information and local regulations.

• In general, a distance of 2 metres is to be maintained with all persons who do not live in your household.
• Frequent hand washing and the use of hand disinfectants.
• Consideration for other guests and hotel staff - Keeping distance, sitting seperatly, understanding that everyone has different feelings and opinions about Covid-19.
• If you start to feel ill or unwell, please stay in your room and let us know. (We know of course that not every illness is Corona, however please just be careful and use commonsense).
• The main entrance of the Hotel is closed all day, please take your room key with you at all times to be able to enter. We will do this so we can control how many people and who exactly is coming in and out on the premesis.

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Basic rule = 3-G rule
"Vaccinated, tested, recovered" - the obligation to submit proof applies to people aged 12 and over

* Mouth and nose protection & mask
-> In all places where the 3-G rule applies, there is no mask requirement. This also applies to employees in those areas in which a 3-G certificate is intended.
-> It is compulsory to wear mouth and nose protection in closed rooms in the following areas:
- public transport and its stations
- taxis
- Cable cars and railways
- in customer areas such as supermarkets, retailers, etc. when contacting customers

* Minimum distance
As of July 1st, there is no obligation to keep the minimum distance to other people (but we recommend keeping a distance of 1 meter)


Money-back guarantee

In the event of a border or hotel closure or a lockdown, you can cancel free of charge, even at short notice.

You are unable to travel due to official travel restrictions during the time of your planned arrival. (e.g. travel bans, border closures, travel warnings, air traffic suspention)

Should the journey not be feasible due to personal illness or any other personal reasons, we strongly recommend travel insurance.
This will save you a lot of trouble and not to mention potential cancellation costs. You can take out Hotelstorno Plus Insurance (incl. helicopter recovery costs) from Europäische Reiseversicherung AG directly with us when you book your hotel.NEW: Despite the pandemic status, Europäische Reiseversicherung has insurance cover from 29.5.2020 in the event of illness at Covid-19!

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Our special Buffets


Our popular buffets will still be available this Winter.

Throughout our Restaurant and around our Buffet area we have installed disinfectant dispensers.

Our serving cutlery and tongs will also be disinfected and replaced often during the meal times.

We kindly ask our guests to be a little more careful when choosing their food and to keep a distance of 1.5 m from other guests and staff.

All of our hotel staff follows the 3 G rule.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.